Trees Have “Elevators” Able to Bring Water Up Thirty Stories


The world’s largest trees are 111.4m tall. Despite reaching the height of a 30-story building, the trees need neither electricity nor pumps (as does a building) to bring water absorbed at the roots up to the very top. The secret lies in the roots’ mechanisms that forcefully push the water up, the leaves’ ability to powerfully absorb the water, and the ceaseless transportation of water between the roots and leaves via the tube-like conduits in the tree trunks.

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We have found much inspiration for technological applications in the overall balance of tree systems, as well as other functions of trees such as the mechanisms of the conduits that draw up water, high-efficiency osmosis membranes, the regulation of the solution concentration of cells, and the plumbing structure of the conduits.

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Water bills might be reduced to zero thanks to the development of a miraculous energy-saving water supply system that needs neither electricity nor pumps.

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