Black-spotted Boxfish is Sturdy yet Streamlined


The shape of the black-spotted boxfish does not look streamlined: its body is lined with stiff scales that form bony plates to protect it from the advances of predators. In spite of these features, however, water flows smoothly over its surface, encountering little resistance.

Functional Classification

Efficiency(Energy Saving, Resource Saving, Light):
Air or water resistance evasionHigh intensity
Resistance to outside threatsShock resistance

Environmental Solution Classification

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Technical Application

Car bodies inspired by the boxfish are light, sturdy, safe in accidents, and have low drag coefficients.

Products and Services

  • ECOCARAT humidity control wall tiles by INAX

Type of Business

Proposals of Applied Technology

The boxfish’ structure can be used to design automobiles (passenger vehicles, buses, trucks) that are more light, sturdy, and streamlined than current models.

Proposals of Applied Industry

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