Dolphin Skin has Little Water Drag


Dolphins have highly elastic skin that forms dents when the dolphin swims at high speeds. This reduces water resistance and allows the dolphin to swim efficiently.

Functional Classification

Efficiency(Energy Saving, Resource Saving, Light):
Air or water resistance evasion
Wind resistance

Environmental Solution Classification

Related Literature

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Technical Application

The structure of dolphin skin has been used to develop a bumpy mesh resin to be used in alpine skiing sportswear, particularly for clothes around the head and back. The structure has alos been used to develop artificial skin with carbon nanotubes and silicon, which functions similarly to a dolphin's skin.

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Proposals of Applied Technology

Dolphin’s skin formation can be used to develop material that greatly decreases air and water resistance. It can also be useful to the creation of blades and similar devices that require low air resistance, such as for planes, trains, and wind power.

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