Parasitic Wasps Have Pest Control Capabilities


Parasitic wasps lay eggs inside the bodies of aphids. Upon hatching, the wasp larvae eat their way out of the aphid.

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Pest controlAttack

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Technical Application

Pest control methods have been developed by taking advantage of pests’ natural enemies.

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  • The scale insects that plague orange production in the United States are exterminated with their natural enemy—ladybugs, and bumblebees are used to control pests during eggplant production in Japan.

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This example can be used to develop biological pesticides that utilize pests’ natural enemies. Until now, chemical pesticides have typically been used to exterminate pests in agricultural systems even though they have a large, negative environmental impact. Also, it is necessary to continually develop new pesticides as pests develop resistance to those chemical pesticides already in use. In contrast, biological pesticides leave ecosystems intact and eliminate the need to create new pesticides.

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