Melastome Plants Use Rainwater to Disperse Seeds


The fruit of the melastome plant ripens during the rainy season. Melastome fruit is triangular, with a seed capsule in each corner. When a raindrop hits the ripe fruit, the force of the impact causes seeds to squirt from each of its three corners.

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Related Literature

Marco A. Pizo and L. Patrícia C. Morellato, A new rain-operated seed dispersal mechanism in Bertolonia mosenii (Melastomataceae), a Neotropical rainforest herb, American Journal of Botany, 89, 169-171, 2002

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The example of melastome seed dispersal could be used to improve methods for dispensing the soap used to clean skyscraper windows. It could also be used to design new drain cleaners for kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, it could inspire power generation methods that utilize energy from rainfall.

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