The Leaves of the Mimosa Pudica Fold upon Contact


A grasshopper landing to graze on the leaves of the Mimosa Pudica causes the leaves to fold in on themselves. There is a leaf cushion at the root of the leaves, formed by cells swollen with water. When the leaves are touched, there is a reduction in pressure on the leaf cushion, causing the leaves to bend and fold. When all of the leaves are folded in, a number of sharp thorns are exposed to keep predators away.

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Opening and closing
Resistance to outside threats

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Technical Application

Knowledge of Mimosa pudica leaf functioning was used to create an endoscope with a tip that can curve.

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Knowledge of how Mimosa pudica’s leaves fold can be used to develop machines that move without wires. Investigation into the stimulus transfer mechanisms of the Mimosa pudica (which does not possess nerves) can be used to improve machines’ transfer mechanisms.

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