Kerria Lacca Make a Protective Cover


Female adult Kerria lacca do not have wings and live in colonies on the branches of trees, such as the fig and the acacia. They suck the tree’s sap and excrete a substance called laccifer lacca (lacquer), and protect their bodies with this natural resin. The entire area around the female colony on the branch is covered with this lacquer, allowing the females to protect the children in their stomachs from enemies. The cover created by the Laccifer lacca is exceptionally adhesive and durable.

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Lacquer-based products are used to polish fruits and vegetables.

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Laquer can be used to develop paints for furniture and tableware, or for buildings. It can also be used to develop multi-functioning natural substances with adhesive, dye, and fragrance adding properties. Also possible is the development of UV-resistant makeup that uses lacquer’s fragrance and pigment.

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