Bluegill Pectoral Fins Lower Water Resistance


Bluegills sweep their pectoral fins forward, then cup the top and bottom of the fins into a U-shape to swim smoothly with minimal water resistance.

Functional Classification

Efficiency(Energy Saving, Resource Saving, Light):
Air or water resistance evasion

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Technical Application

The example of the bluegill has been used to develop man-made fins that can propel bodies through water efficiently and with little resistance. An electricity-conducting polymer controls a urethane plastic fin with nylon tendons, to mimic bluegill movement.

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Proposals of Applied Technology

The example of the bluegill could be applied to various moving devices. For example, it could be used to develop underwater robots that are highly energy efficient, make little noise, are easily maneuverable, and highly controllable even at high speeds. These underwater robots could be used to sweep land mines, inspect harbors, and explore the ocean floor.

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