Sharks’ Placoid Scales Have Low Water-resistance


Sharks’ Placoid scales have V-shaped grooves that reduce water drag by creating tiny vortices as the sharks swim, particularly at slow speeds. This lack of resistance allows the shark to minimize its energy output while swimming. The grooves are covered in fine projections which line up neatly side-by-side along the fin line. The placoid scales themselves are curved and overlap each other, which help to scrape off extraneous matter from the scales, making them stain-resistant.

Functional Classification

Efficiency(Energy Saving, Resource Saving, Light):
Air or water resistance evasion
Water repellent

Environmental Solution Classification

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Technical Application

Placoid scales’ lack of drag is used to create sleek swimsuit materials.

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The stain resistance of placoid scales can be used to create new coating agents for ships.

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