Rock Dwelling Cellana


Cellana create the dents in rock that they inhabit. These dents perfectly fit their body size, which protects them from dryness even when out of the water and exposed to the sun for long periods of time (such as during low tide.) This enables the Cellana to live in the intertidal zone where they are safe from the enemies found in the ocean, such as octopi and other shellfish.

Functional Classification

Resouce/Energy/Information Collection & Storage:
Water retentionSeason sensingLocation detection
Resistance to outside threats

Environmental Solution Classification

Related Literature

Takayuki S, Owada M, Kanazawa K. Comparison of Defensive Behaviors in Limpets Inhabiting an Intertidal Zone”.Science Journal of Kanagawa University, 20(01), 89-92, 2009

Technical Application

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Proposals of Applied Technology

Cellana’s ability to protect itself from drying through creating a perfectly-sized dent to dwell in can be used in the design of desert houses where there is a severe water shortage.

Proposals of Applied Industry

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